Posters are  an awesome way to share!

Are you promoting a product, event, party, gathering, sale, race, marathon, community event, solidarity meeting, promoting health food, fatty food..... it can all be done through posters! Nothing beats posters when announcing to in-loaction atendants

Are you sharing an event at your office? A poster is great!

Do you need to shae the steps needed to operate a device? (when every one keeps asking the same question)? A poster is perfect!

The beauty of smaller posters is you get them as needed!, And what is even better, it is easy to twick them so that the next version looks even better!

When did modern-day posters start? 

Posters have been produced since the early days of humanity. The substrates were not paper at the time, but carving on stone.

Reproduction of posters started when lithography was invented, in 1796.  Since then, the technology broght us through may production ways until today's digital world makes it easy, possible and cheap to have one of a kind.

"A great visual says more than 1000 words"


Produce Promotional Posters to Attract Attention

  • Print Sizes amd Image Area:
    • 11"x17"
    • 12"x18" 
  • Safe area (avoid copy or key information)
    • 0.25" around
  • Resolution of file:
    • Suggested 300 to 600 dpi.
    • Minimum suggested In pixels: 3300px x 5100px 
  • Flat posters are packed in box/package ready for shipping
    • Many printing media offered (click on help for paper for detailed information)
      • for Indoor display
      • for Outdoor display
  • If your selection is Mounted with Easel,
    • the poster will mount on 3/16" white foam board substrate.
    • The easel is premounted on the back. At the time of use you will have to extend it.
    • Packed in box/package ready for shipping






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Options for posters

  • Flat
  • Mounted on foamboard with easel


Flat sheets
Mounted with Eassel

Print the poster on both sides, or on one side only.

If you indicate that you want the poster printed on BOTH SIDES, but submit just ONE file, we will understand thatyou want the same image on both FRONT AND BACK of the poster.



1 Side - Full Color - Bleed included
2 Sides - Full Color - Bleed Included

Media por 11"x17" posters:

Most of the time, the posters are for indoor use. Sometimes it is windy inside, and sometimes it is just ofice space.  Sometimes it is outdoors where the posters will be placed.

Which stocks to consider for different scenarios:

  • For Indoor, calm conditions, without wind, or heavy traffic that can accidentally rip the poster
    • 28# uncoated paper 
    • 32# uncoated thicker and nicer paper
    • 100# gloss coated text
    • 14pt Cover stock
  • For Indoor in high-transit areas: 
    • 100#  gloss coated text
    • 14pt Cover stock
  • For Outdoor, where wind and rain could affect the piece
    • 14 Pt synthetic stock
28# Uncoated - Indoor
32# Uncoated - Thicker - Indoor
GLOSSY -100# Text - Indoor
14pt Cover Stock - Indoor heavy traffic
Synthetic - 14pt - Outdoor

As with any other product, the turnaround time, or production time is the time required for our production team to produce your order and to have it available, at our location, for pick-up.

If you request the service of delivery, the time required for the delivery is additional and has not been indicated under this item.

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