Business Cards: Great for a Successful Personal Marketing Strategy

There's no other marketing tool as efficient and inexpensive as business cards

Pocket marketing tools such as business cards require some thought. Color business cards makes it easy and convenient to adapt your message to the audience, since there's no need to print thousands of cards each time. There are many possible messages and objectives to achieve with them and the business card should become a means to achieve them.

Did you know?

Business Cards are a Powerful Marketing Tool

Personal business cards can generate contacts long after the card has been handed during a business meeting or networking event.

business cards are great marketing tools

What do people do with the business cards they get?

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Have in mind that people usually do one of the following with the cards they get. Keep in mind that either printed through color copies, offset, full color or black and white, the actions stay the same:

  1. Keep them in card-holder books for future reference.
  2. Scan the business cards and store images of the cards while automatically creating a computerized database that can be used in your phone and your contact manager software. There are a number of apps that you can use to take pictures and do OCR, optical character recognition. One of the card card-body known apps is CamCard that can be found in the markets.
  3. Pile cards somewhere to go through them in the future (typically in shoe-box-type containers).
  4. Some people, if unable to relate to the card at a latter time, will put them into their Recycle Bin for good.


Contact Information in a Business Card

Not all your contact information belongs to a color copy printed business card. Use just the set of information that is aligned with your communications strategy. Color copies digital printing technology make it easy to produce short runs, test and adjust. Here are some that you should consider:

  1. E-mail Addresses: E-mail is the most widely used communication tool. Therefore it should be standard on a modern business card. If your company has a website, your email address should coincide with the company's domain. As an example: will not create the same impression as
  2. Website: The website's URL should be part of your card. The http://www.... is not necessary, and will save you room.
  3. Phone Numbers: We all have a personal number (cell), office number, extension number, fax number, etc. Too many numbers take up your "real-estate" on your card and confuse people. Use just one contact number if possible, and make sure that the number will re-direct itself to as many places you decide. Services such as Google Voice will certainly do its job; you'll find an array of vendors for this type of service.
  4. Physical Address: A must have. Even in the time of the Internet, you want to deal with people and companies that will not vanish. Many people will check in online maps your location before doing business with you.


What to say and how to say it in your color printed business card

Say it elegantly and clearly (meaning that the design should help convey the message). Say it in a way that the reader of the card finds the information easily. Make it easy to identify the company, your name and make it very clear as of what you can do for that individual. I'm sure that you've stumbled upon cards with names you can't recall, company names that mean nothing to you and no other indication.

What to avoid in your business cards
Applies both to offset printed business cards as card card-body as for digitally color copy cards

Copy too close to the edge: There are two problems related to this situation:

  • You might end up with cards that have a few characters that have accidentally been trimmed by the printing company.
  • It does not look good. It shows some degree of unpreparedness and that will be reflected in the response level that you get.


Reverse Printed Business Card

Reverse font: also known as reverse printing (solid blacks or colors with white letters) are difficult to read.
Why? Scanners tend not to do a good job in recognizing the copy. What's the reason? Imperfect registration used in the printing process usually covers part of the white opening, making the borders of the fonts less sharp and therefore, hard to read
. When white space is too thin, chances of any of the printed colors to overlap or "move" are high..

Reverse Printed Business Cardvery busy business card

Too Much Information can be negative:
Attention span. Cluttered information in a business card results in minuscule font sizes which in turn are unreadable. Less is more in this case

What would I consider to be a good business card?

I personally think that a color copy card such as the one shown below will do a good job for you at a networking event, which happens to be part of your personal marketing activity.

Why? It is clear, easy to identify by trade and specific are of involvement. Easy to scan, keep in digital format and retrieve at a later time.

good business card

Color Copies U.S.A. offers the printing service for your color business cards and the professional graphic design services as card card-body. We recommend using 80# cover stock or heavier. UV coating gives your cards a very shiny look.

Graphic design packages start at $60 and go up to $120 when 3 options are presented to the customer as a first draft.

Business Cards printed out of digital equipment such as the one used for color copies, give you the opportunity to test your color copy printed business card and adjust it frequently without needing to through away thousands of unused cards. Digital printing allows you to hold various types of cards as card card-body, making emphasis on different areas of service that you cover, without the need to clutter the card and your prospect's attention.

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