Business cards paper

Basically there are three paper types we usually use in business cards: a thin paper, a thick one and a thicker. Thin paper is 100 lb gloss cover; thick paper is 14-point cardstock and a 16-point cardstock as thicker, and even 18-point. 100 lb paper is accepted in cheap print machines so all companies are able to do it. For thicker paper a more complex machine is required, so only big companies like can do this.

Should I make cheap business cards?

100 lb gloss cover business cards (at least as we make in ColorCopiesUSA) feels great, and it doesn't seems cheap. It is all a matter of imagination. And when you have a business where you need to give cards to many people (some marketing targets are reached after a flood of ads or, in this case, business cards). Anyway, remember that 100 lb gloss cover is a cardstock, not a thin paper.

Creative business cards

Thicker business cards?

Standard business cards are made in 14-16 point cardstock. Thicker cards mean durability in time. When you want to create a great quality product, to use in special moments, like give a treasure, thicker cards is your choice. Of course, if you've got a clever card, a shock effect can be produced, so impact is greater.

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