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NCR Forms

Carbonless paper, sometimes known for the brand name of the paper NCR paper,  is used to create multiple-part business forms such as invoices, bill of ladings, inspections, inventory reports and more.

What is Carbonless Paper Used for?

  It is used to get identical copies of documents. When you want to write on a sheet of paper and have multiple identical copies of your the document, including the filled-in information, NCR paper does that for you. 

When are carbonless forms more useful?

If you writing and invoice by hand and you want to keep a copy and hand one to your client, carbonless invoices allow you to have an instant-copy of your just-filled-in invoice.

The way in which carbonless paper works is that by writing with a ball pen on the top sheet of the set, with the help of chemical coatings that are part of this special paper, that written portion gets copied to the other sheets in the form, almost like with magic.

This chemical carbonless copying system replaces the older and traditional black carbon copy sheets that had to be inserted in between the sheets that were to receive a copy of the writing.

Some of the uses for carbonless paper and forms  are:


  1. Car Repair Reports
  2. Vehicle Sales Documents 
  3. Invoices 
  4. Pick-up Tickets
  5. Purchase Orders
  6. Order-taking forms
  7. Receipts
  8. Merchandise handling documentation
  9. Application Forms
  10. Work Orders
  11. Quality Control Forms
  12. Patient Record Forms
  13. Medical Claims Forms

The forms are very flexible since the forms can be fully customized: 
These are some of the customizable features

  1. Add Unique Numbers to your forms: Numbering is a great feature for record keeping
  2. Punching: It can be custom-punched with holes to match binders
  3. Custom Sizes: Forms can be as small or as large as you need up to 12"x18". We can customize the size of the form for your ideal use.