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Postcard Printing for Direct Mail Campaigns

Did you know that postcards have been in use since 1870? They are still one of the most popular ad messaging platforms in the US and are used successfully in retail marketing, real estate marketing, service industry marketing and more. They are popular because they are affordable and effective!

Card mailers give people an incentive to contact you - ”Bring this postcard in for 25% discount!" or "15% off on your first order with this card!” are messages that businesses might use.

If you conduct a simple ‘direct mail’ campaign, you can reach your targeted audience by zip code, income or other demographics. 

Postcards are printed in a number of dimensions. Some of the most popular postcard sizes are 4" x 6”, 5.5" x 8.5”, and 5" x 7"

Postcard marketing is affordable to mail and to print. So if you are a small business thinking of effective and affordable ways to ‘get the word out’ then consider direct mail campaign using postcards printed by ColorCopiesUSA. Our printing specialists are ready to help you at


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Customer Feedback
"They got here on time and LOOKED FANTASTIC. You guys did a wonderful job. I will definitely be in touch with more color copy needs (perhaps with a bit more leeway this time). I have a similar "stacked sheet" job for Christian Archives that will go out to maybe 350 people, so that will head your way by mid-May. Thanks again, these are great."

Julie M. Clark
Christian Archives
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