Difference Between Uncoated Paper, Gloss Paper, Matte Paper and UV Gloss

The first thing you need to know about the difference between uncoated, gloss, matte and UV gloss is the quantity of coating they have. So, uncoated paper has no coat at all (0% of coating); Matte has a thin layer of coating (only 25% yo take to a number); Standard Gloss has a thicker layer (could say it is 75%); and UV Gloss has a thicker coating (100%).

Uncoated Paper

No coating in the surface, so there is no glare or shine. It Works for text, reading material, if you want to write in it (specially pencil), due to its porosity, and when you don't need to preserve it for long time. Coating is a way to make paper strong.

Matte Coating

Matte coating gives a little glare, still porous, but with constrast. Similar to uncoated, but help to protect the surface. Light rays reflect randomly and without producing spots in the surface.

Gloss Coating

It gives a shiny surface, more contrast and protection. It is a nice finishig and very professional.

UV Gloss Coating

Very shining. Pops colours and images. Extra protection. A premium feature.

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