Graphics Needed: Real size graphics that match the templaes are needed.
Color System: CMYK - RGB images might convert into less predictable colors
Resolution of graphics: 150 dpi in real size

About Flags

A feather flag is a tall flag that is attached to a pole.

That pole will hold the flag in place.

Some poles are kept in place by a ground stake, while other times, when perforating the floor (as in indoors) is not possible, a cross-bar steel base is required  

picture of stake in the ground, used to hold a flag up standing - ColorCopiesUSApicture of a metal cross-bar-steel base for feather flags

Flags are easy to assemble and dissasemble, therefore they can be installed and removed every day if needed. Still, there are a number of  considerations on your end to order flags that will be effective in achieving your goal.

Easy to carry: We provide a soft carrying case where all of the elements of the flag fit, even the cross bar base will fit in the carrying case.

Customize your flag: We can customize the flags to your need, sharing the message that you see fit with your prospects and public, so that removes one of the problems. You don't have to go with an existing-preprinted flag. Think out of the box about your specific messaging needs.

Single Side Flags are made with a fabric, and printed on one side of the fabric. On most cases, the image  will be visible from the other side, so if there is writing on the flag, it might look mirrored from the other side, which sometimes makes it hard for the message to be understood, but on most of the cases, people will understand the message.

Double Sided Flags are made with two layers of fabric, and each layer is printed independently. In that way you could have different images, colors and writing on each of the sides of a flag.

Left and Right Flags: What does this mean? It means that for a certain flag, looking at the flag sot that the side that has been printed is visible, the pole will be either on the right side or the left side of the flag.
The side where the pole is, is important. Since one side of the flag is tightly connected to a pole, the other end will be loose and "fly" with the wind. According to the way in which you expect people to see your flag, you will need to choose one side or the other. Examples: Traffic flows from one direction / Pedestrians walk maily in one direction and not in the other.... 

Size of the flags: You will find that flags are often referred as 10ft, 12ft, etc. What that means is the height, from the floor to the tallest part of the pole, is either 10ft, or 12ft, etc.
The flag itself, meaning the size of the fabric, is about 2 ft shorter than the full height. Si in the case of a 10ft flag, the height of the fabric itself will only be about 8ft (please look at the pictures above). Generally speaking, the flags are about 2 to 2.5ft wide.

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Choose if you require a double side flag or single side flat.

The most common use is for single side units.

Pole on Right
Pole on Left
Pole on Right

The pole of the flag connects to a piece of mounting hardware.

The most common way to mount a flag outdoors, where there is ground to drive the hardware into, is to use a GROUND STAKE

If the flag will be mounted indoors, or in a wharehouse, or even outdoors where a hard-surface floor is present, we recommend that you use a FLOOR MOUNT - CROSSED METAL, which is a cross base metal unit.

Sometimes you need extra weight to hold the base in position, You might need to use a sandbag. A few accessories are available as well. Please check with us about that one

Cross-Metal Base - Indoor/Outdoor

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