Is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)(R) by USPS good for my business?

Every Door Direct Mail ® makes it easy for you to send direct mailing pieces to a certain group of people without the need to buy mailing lists or do the hard work involved in the traditional direct mailing processing. All that is needed is that you choose the carrier route to which you want your piece delivered to, have a minimum number of 200 pieces, go to the post office and start your campaign.

Question: What is Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM®
Answer: Every Door Direct Mail is an affordable program that was created by the United States Postal Services (USPS) to allow for a somehow targeted audience. The postage paid in this process is very low compared to regular First Class mail and even lower than what is paid in Marketing Mail (formerly known as Bulk Mail)
Question: Is ColorCopiesUSA a certified vendor of the Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM® program?
Answer: is registered, certified and authorized by  USPS to promote, sell and deal with all of the steps involved in the handling of the Every Door Direct Mail program.
Question: Can I mail myself or do I need to use your mailhouse services?
Answer: You can run the program yourself under the RETAIL PROGRAM. In other words, we could be the provider of the printed matter that you are mailing out and you can complete all of the operational aspects through the platform that USPS offers. There is a maximum number of pieces that you can mail yourself: 5,000 Our company, being a mailhouse can run the whole program for you and we have no limits in terms of the number of pieces that we can claim on a daily basis
Question: What type of mail can I send through this program?
Answer: This program is intended for advertising mail, not for mail that contains transactional information such as information about statements, orders, etc
Question: Who can I send mail under Every Door Direct Mail® program to?
Answer: Mail as you are probably historically familiar with is sent by the sender to a specific intended recipient. That recipient has a specific delivery address, a PO Box or an apartment unit where the mail is delivered. Every Door Direct Mail® is mail that is sent to EVERYONE as long as they recipient is within a certain geographical area. So you as sender, cannot choose whether to send or not a piece of mail to any specific individual.
Question: How do I select the geographical area where the mail is going to be distributed?
Answer: You have to choose Carrier Routes. There are geographical areas that have been created by USPS and you as a sender have to use those specific areas as defined by USPS.® A carrier route is a group of mailing addresses that receive the same USPS® code to improve their delivery efficiency. Those addresses are covered by the same mail courrier that starts his/her daily delivery sequence in one place and ends in the last one of the addresses of that route or coded area. So all of the addresses grouped and identified with that single code are one next to the other. The geographical area is usually small and close. USPS has a tool in their website that allows you to see where the delivery areas are and it has a way of selecting them. Look into the next question to have a better understanding on how the carrier routes are set by USPS.
Question: How can I find out which routes are available in my marketing targeted area and where they are?
Answer: The following image shows the information that you can obtain from the USPS’s website The picture shows a picture of what the computer screen on the website provided by USPS to choose carrier routes that become the target of direct mailing campaigns through the Every Door Direct Mail® program This is a screen show of the tool that the Every Door Direct Mail® website offers: 1 - Targeted Area: In this case you can see that the targeted zip code is 33410 2 - Specific Carrier Route (highlighted in light blue): is identified with the code C039 3 - Demographic information as an average for the specific route
Question: What type of pieces can be mailed under this program?
Answer: This program is prepared for what USPS calls Marketing Mail™ flats with a weight of up to 3.3 oz per piece. The most popular product sent through this method are postcards.
Question: What is a flat? Is it different than any letter?
Answer: A flat is defined as a large piece such as an envelope, newsletters and magazines.. If a piece has one of its dimensions greater than 6-⅛” or 11-½ or thickness above ¼”, then the piece is classified as a FLAT. Every mailing piece that falls within the less-than-those-dimensional-limits is a LETTER for the purpose of USPS’s postage scales. Given the limitations, we offer on our website a number of popular size postcards that qualify for the type of service considered and are cost-effective This table that has been created by USPS puts summarizes the information:

Dimension of a Flat




6-1/8 inches

12 inches


11-1/2 inches

15 inches


1/4 inch

3/4 inch

Question: Are there any permits that have to be imprinted on the piece?
Answer: There is no need for you to pay USPS for a mailing permit but there is the requirement print an indicia on each piece that usually looks like this, if you are taking care of the whole processing: These are the address block and standard indicia required in the RETAIL program The image displays the information to be printed on the address block and the indicia for the RETAIL version of the EDDM program

Address block and inditca required for the RETAIL program

If a mailing house runs the whole campaign on your behalf then a permit assigned by the post office is needed but you should not worry about that scenario. When you select our company as a mailing house, we will let you use our existing permit.The image displays the information to be printed on the address block and the indicia for the Mailhouseversion of the EDDM program

Address block and inditia required for the Mailhouse Program. In this case a permit number is required. ColorCopiesUSA will allow you to use our permit number without generating additional expenses for you and without having you compete a registration with the post office.

Price Calculator

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Printing in full color or black and white or leaving one side blank are part of the decisions that you will have to make when designing your piece.

Our recommendation is to use full color on both sides. That allows for a more diverse message to be shared with your prospects.

Full Color printed one side only / Blank BackFull Color  on front / Black on Back
Full Color Both Sides
Full Color printed one side only / Blank Back
Full Color on front / Black on Back

There are two options:

  • 14 Pt cardstock, coated on both sides.
    A final coating  (glossy or matte) is usually applied on top upon your instructions
  • 16 Pt cardstock, coated on both sides.
    This is a thicker stock than 14 pt. The advantage is that when a piece is printed on this stock, it will feel solid. The flip side of the coin is that shipping  or mailing a thicker product will probably be more expensive
16 Point C2S Cardstock
14 Point C2S Cardstock
16 Point C2S Cardstock

Finishing:  Finishing refers to the work that is done to the piece once it is printed.  In the case of a postcard, FINISHING refers to whether there will be a coating applied on top of the printing.

If there is a coating, will the coating be shiny- mirror-style or matt?

Reasons to apply  a coating on top of the printed piece:
- Aesthetic
- Product protection

The most common option for postcards is to select Gloss UV but it is entirely up to your taste and use of your piece.

FINISHINGS: These are coatings Coatings that are applied on the cardstock once the printing has occured. 

1-  One reason is  aesthetic. Mirror-gloss looks good, and matt finishing is trendy.
2-  A second possible reason is functional. handrwiting or printing on an inkjet printer on top of a piece that has received gloss/matt finishing might not be possible, so if you further need to add information to a pre-printed postcard,  applying finishing might not be the best option.

Bundles: What we do when you order a bundled order is make groups of 100 postcards and keep them together with a rubber band or a plastic band.

Purpose: Unites States Postal Services require your mail to be bundled when presented to USPS to be delivered through the Every Door Direct Mail (TM) program.

Benefit: Ordering bundles will save you a lot of time in mail preparation


Production Time: What does this item mean?

If you have a specific in-hand date that you must meet, we suggest that you call us at 1-877-421-0668 so that we can try to meet your requirement.

As a general rule, Production Time is the time that it takes ColorCopiesUSA to manufacture your custom postcard. All products that you order from us are custom made, therefore until you have approved the artwork, we have cleared questions regarding your order, your order does not go into production.

Once your order goes into production, it is when PRODUCTION TIME starts to count.

Pick-Up / Shipping: After your order is ready at our warehouse, you can either pick it up at our office, or ask as to ship it using whichever offered method. The time that it takes for you to pick up or the shipping time is not part of what we call PRODUCTION TIME.

The production times as posted are best average estimates. Often we will have your order ready ahead of time, but production conditions could also push times a bit.

Expedited (3 Business days)Rush (1 Business days)
Standard (5-6 Business days)
Expedited (3 Business days)
Rush (1 Business days)

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