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To mount a retractable banner, no tools are needed.

Be gentle with your unit and it will hold in good shape for a long time.

Retractable Banners: Steps to mount them

Step 1- Sit your stand on the floor

Step 2 - Mount a retractble banner: open the legs for stability

Step 3 - Extend the pole and insert it into the socket of the retractable banner

Adjust the lenght of the pole so that the top of the pole extends to the final height

Step 5- Now the stand is on the floor, the pole is extended to the right height and the pole into the socket

Time to display the image. Take teh top frame and raise it to the selected height

We've shown 6 stages in the process of mounting a retractable banner

Step 1: Sit the stand on the floor. The white plastic socket will be be on the back of the image

Step 2: Extend the legs by turning them. The legs add stability to the unit

Step 3: Insert the pole into the socket. You'll later extend the pole to the desired height.

Step 4: Extending the pole requires you to secure it. Otherswise self weight will close your banner. This picture shows how to lock the pole.

Step 5: You are ready to open your image and display it at the trade show.

Step 6: Extend the image and insert the plastic socket that's on the top frame, into the pole. You are ready to take care now of the trade show.

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Once put together, this is how a retractable banner looks like when mounted and expanded

retractable banner ordered by a company from the Czech Republic, one of a pair of units ordered. See a detail showing small fonts printed in the banner

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