Presentation folders:

What is a Presentation Folder?:

A presentation folder is a non-rigid folder that can hold inserts such as catalogs, letters, contracts, carbonless forms and any other type of documents that should be kept together and as a unit. These folders are usually made out of beautiful coverstock materials, printed either on the outside or both the outside and the inside. 
When a company is providing an estimate for a job, or when a purchase of a valuable good has taken place, a presentation folder is usually the tool used to secure the documents.

The printing is used to provide identity and advertising to whoever is in possession of a presentation folder. 
In order to  be able to hold the documents without those falling, it is customary to have two pockets built into the folder.
To reinforce identity and provide contact information, a slit is usually made available to insert standard-size business cards.
These folders do not have rings.

Printing Options for Presentation Folders:

The most common printing method is curently full color printing with a coating on top of the printing. The options of what sits on top of the ink are many and range from traditional shiny UV coatings, to matte silky-feeling coatings, foil applications to 3-D raised UV. 
Years ago the most common printing options requested were a one-PMS color, but our current modern technology makes it trendier, nicer and more appealing to print in full color.


Standard Sizes of Presentation Folders:

The mores pospular sizes are those that accomodate the documents that are most commonly handled:
To keep letter-size documents, 8.5"x11", the size of the folder is 9"x12".
To keep half-letter-size documents, 5.5"x8.5", the size of the folder is 6"x9".
To keep legal-size documents, 8.5"x14.0", the size of the folder is 9"x14.5".

There are many other custom sizes that serve specific uses, such as small folders or six-panel folders as well


Presentation Folders as Marketing Tools:

The documents inserted into presentation folders are usually important and it is expected that they will be kept for a long time. Since the size of the folders is large, people can easily find them and thanks to the branding that can be printed, easily distinguishable.
The long term marketing value of presentation folders is very high, espercially for certain trades such as construction, legal services, acquisition of valuable goods, as examples.


Business Trades that Benefit from Presentation Folders?:

- Every business usually creates stationery with their brand, envelopes, documents. Presentation folders are a must. 
- Real Estate developers, Realtors® , open house events, and more.
- Senior Living Facilities / Long Term Care. The decision to hire a facility to take care of a loved one is quite tough so when the facility can reasure the family about their dedication and support it with documents, the presentation folder is crucial to generate trust.
- Wedding Planners: Planning a wedding is the most fun and at the same time, the most traumatic experience new couples can go through. When the wedding planner provides a presentation folder with organized documentation and all of what is required for THE day, everything goes smoother!
- Catering Service: Clients of catering services want to be reassured about the level of service that the vendor is committed to. 


Price Calculator

Regular Price$ 525.50

#1 - Full color out (4/0)
With this option your folder will receive printing in full color on the front and back, outside, and the pockets (the visible side of the pockets) can be printed in full color as well. 
The inside of the folder and the back of the pockets do not receive any printing 

#2 - Full Color Out- Black Inside (4/1)
Under this option, the outside and pockets will print as described in the previous #1 point.
The back side can print in black ink only. This is used where reporting, logging or other tasks have to be recorded.

#3 - Full Color Out- Full Color Inside (4/4)
In this case, the outside prints as described in point #1, and the inside will print in full color as well. This option is perfect for marketing materials that will wow your clients

Notice: As indicated in our General Terms, this is not a color-match job. Colors might fluctuate and be different to what you see on a computer screen or in a previous run or the presentation folder.

14 point stock is a thick cover stock.

16 point is even thicker. 

The thicker the stock, the self-porting the folder behaves

UV Coating
provides two benefits to the folder:

#1 - The colors look stronger, bright. The folder's surface become a bit reflective.

#2 - UV behaves as a protective layer. Drops of water or coffee spilled on the outside can usually be wiped out without damage to the folder.

Matt Finish - Dull
the stock is covered with a matt-finish varnish that makes the piece look matte as opposed to the brightness and reflective features described before

Right sideLeft side
2 Pockets
Right side
Left side

Decide where you want business card slits, either on

- left side

- right side

- both sides

On right pocketOn both pocketsNo card sllits
On left pocket
On right pocket
On both pockets
No card sllits

If the business card that you plan to insert are horizontal or landscape, please answer HORIZONTAL

If your business card is vertical or portrait, please answer VERTICAL


When is Rush Offered? 
It is offered for UV coating, 9"x12" on 14pt and on certain quantities for 16pt.

The standard turnaround for folders is of about 5 to 7 business days. We cannot commit to a firm day since the production process requires many steps.

Rush orders: If you want to "save a day", enter your order early in the morning (Eastern Time Zone). If you wait until noonish hours, that day could be lost. That is why the time indicated has the limits. 

Legal Size Folders: This size requires extra manufacturing time

Rush 2-3 Business Days
5-7 Business Days
Rush 2-3 Business Days
Total :$ 525.50
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Estimated Total :$ 525.50