Yard Signs: Get your Word Out !


Why are yard and lawn signs effective?

There are many reasons to use this type of advertising:

  • Yard signs are really cheap!
  • The display area is really big! The most popular size is 24" wide x 18" tall.  People can see your sign from quite far away and read it!
  • Easy to install: This signs are not permanent displays so most of the time you won't have to deal with permitting, but make sure to check at your specific area of display with the local authorities.
  • Rotate Ads: Weekly messages can be rotated very easily.
  • Outdoors: Yard signs are meant for outdoors.
  • Many Eyes on Your Sign: A pretty low investment can put you in front of hundreds and thousands of people per day. Probably these are the best investment
  • No Cost Templates: Save in graphic design costs and customize one of our ready-to-customize yard sign templates.


    screen shot of the website's page for Yard Signs showing that there are many graphic templates ready to customize |  ColorCopiesUSA.com

Who will see the yard signs?

Weather you are talking to your neighborhood pedestrians, the car or bus drivers passing by, yard signs (also called lawn signs) could become a magnificent way to share messages with.

How to determine how many yard signs I might require?

Because we don't know the specific circumstances where you'll use the yard signs, we've put together some guidelines or topics that we think you should take into account when planning your order of lawn signs.

  • Bring awareness of store:  Consider the dimensions of the plaza, the access roads, the way in which traffic flows on the vicinity.
    • You might need at least 6 signs plus a few for the neighboring roads. If it is a wide road, consider placing a couple of extra signs on the opposit side. We suggest that you have them printed on both sides
  • Events: Arrival and departure from events, especially if those take place in large open spaces can be difficult to manage. Large signs that have to be attached to trees to guide traffic could be difficult to hold. Yard signs are perfect. 
    • Our suggestion is that you visit the venue in anticipation, and create what would be the ideal circuit and design the signs based on that.  Make sure to expose visitors to the signs at least twice. People hesitate in unkown territory. Good signage means great comfort for visitors.
    • We offer several pre-designed arrows that you can take advantage of.
    • Be specific: Clear destionation and clear signage.
    • Indicate where parking is available.
  • Group training - Self development events:  that take place at open p: If the event is large and there are different venues, or restaurants where people will have to go:  dinner rooms, recess rooms, conference rooms. 


Who should use yard signs to advertise?

  • Handymen: "I am a handyman. Whenever I go to a home, I'll place a yard signs that will make my phone ring"
  • Roof Cleaners: "Having lawn signs on the ground while I do my job makes my company so reputable! I know that other neighbors will follow-up and call"
  • Painting Companies: " Painting a house takes a few days. While the lawn sign is on display, several neighbors take note"
  • Open House: Open house signs drive visitors to homes. They work like invisible magnets!
  • Vote Here: Make it easy to voters to find the right prescinct. Yard signs can be fully customized, including variable numbers and/or words.
  • Political Campaigns: Quick reminders to all that the candidate is in the ballots and wants your vote!
  • I arrived at the event but: Which Direction to Go Now?: Events need guidance and organization. When the path is not evident, yard signs can help. 


How Are Yard Signs Useful in Times of Social Distancing?

When a significant portion of our daily activities happen with limited gatherings, and when we tend to forget the good times that we've spent at so many dear places, yard signs become very useful.\. Yard signs are great to remind us, while we drive, or while we take a walk, or while on the local bus, that those restaurants, and other places that we used to crave for, are still there.


What are yard signs made of?

Lawn signs consist of 3 parts:

  1. Rigid substrate that will hold the printed message. This rigid material is made of a corrugated plastic. This plastic has two faces and these are connected one with the other leaving open air lines, most usually called flutes. The most common thickness of the plastic is  4mm which is equivalent to 5/32".
    image of a corrugated plastic board used to make yard signs |ColorCopiesUSA
  2. Print: There are two ways in which the image is placed on the board: The first one is by printing the image on adhesive materials and placing that material on the board or Second: printing straight on the board. 
    The quality of printing is usually better by using an adhesive material. Depending on the scope of the job we will decide which printing method to use.
  3. Stake or Grommets: In order to display a yard sign, you will need a way to hold it so that your clients will see it. You could use a step stake to hold it to the ground, or in other occasions, 4 grommets in the corners will be the right way of holding them, using strings tied to an existing pole or tree.

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What is the "Style of Sign"?

There are different ways in which our clients use their signs, and each way requires different production and shipment details.

The Options:

  1. Yard sign and stakes
  2. If you already have a stake or you don't need it foryour application, you don't have to order one.
  3. You might choose to hold your sign with ropes, or against a fence. Grommets can help you do that easily


Corrugated PlasticWith Grommets
Signs + Stake
Corrugated Plastic
With Grommets

Step Stakes Options:

  • Regular:  Made with a 9 gauge steel wire
    • Ideal for sizes up to 24"x18" landscape
  • Heavy Duty: Ideal for larger pieces and strong-wind areas 
    • 1/4" wire heavy duty base + 9 gague wire U-top
Heavy Duty
Economy - Regular
Heavy Duty

for Front and Back printing, you can pirnt the same or a different image on the back side


Double Side
One Side
Double Side

This option takes into account the production time at our production facitlity.

It indicates when the ordered items would become available for pick-up at our office in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Should you require shipping services, the shipping time will add to the production time

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